Somewhere in the depths of these chaotic and uncertain times, there lies opportunity. Whether we like it or not, the city is changing, people are leaving, businesses are closing, and the cultural fabric of New York is evolving. The New York of tomorrow will undoubtedly be different from yesterday. What does this New New York look like? What does it feel like?

Moments like these come about once or twice in each generation of a city’s history and in response to the tragedy and loss comes an equal and opposite reaction. For those of us who experienced 9/11, we remember how culture flourished and the city bonded over the shared trauma, only to build back stronger. It is a special breed of human who responds to life’s paradoxes and chaos with conviction and wonder. This pulls on a larger thread of our understanding that being a New Yorker is tied to a sense of duty to give back. We’ve dubbed this group of characters eager to usher in her next chapter the DOUBLE DOWN CLUB.

This show features artists across all mediums responding to this idea, taking all the feelings, experiences, and lessons of the last year into consideration and dreaming up what tomorrow will bring. It’s a new year, and certainly a New New York. We all share a deep romantic obsession with this great city, the feelings of nostalgia for New York’s past, the lives we’ve built and the community of today, and a collective responsibility to ride the wave of tomorrow. The magic of New York has always been in the sum of her varied and juxtaposed parts. This exhibit investigates the medley of perspectives.