Born at home in a tiny Idaho mountain town, Jasper Socia, grew up steeped in a family where art was just what you did, a witness to generations of work on the walls, in music, stories and what you wore. Nature and movement were always his greatest passions and, as a young skateboarder, the air and concrete became his pallet. His singular focus on mastering the magic between his body and board that allowed him to virtually fly with abandon is still at play in his art work today. Unfettered by rules or foreknowledge, Jasper experiments with pigments ranging from spices, charcoal gathered from burned out ghost forests, oil pastels, paint and sometimes, whatever he can get his hands on. He credits his younger sister, a painter and maker of things, with inspiring him to begin. Her only advice was, “Don’t think about it,” and the only time he does think about it is when he’s not in the studio. He doesn't plan or have any idea what he will see when he is done with a piece. It’s a bit like channeling and very prolific. His work is passionate, evocative and unbound. When asked where it comes from he will tell you he doesn’t know, “I guess it's just the inside coming out.”

Lady and the Man


Untitled Red & Blue Waves
48” x 48” Charcoal, Acrylic, Pencil and Oil Stick Pens

Marker, Charcoal, Acrylic, Pencil and Oil Stick Pens