Mara Catalán

Mara Catalán was born in Madrid and she has lived in Spain, Mexico and the United States, working both as a photographer and a fine art analog B&W printer.  Her interest in photography was sparked as a child, travelling with her father to remote Spanish villages in search of popular folk ballads that were later transcribed for his studies on the Spanish Romances. On these journeys she developed an interest in world, through the people she met, their traditions and customs.  Photography allowed her to pursue that interest, looking and reflecting on the world around her - part diary, part autobiography and part documentary.

Mara’s photography has been published and exhibited extensively in Europe, Mexico, and the United States.  She has printed for some of the greats, including Gar Lillard’s Lab One and Magnum Photos in New York.  Her first monograph, Williamsburg, A Place I Once Called Home, was published by Red Hook Editions in September of 2018.  Mara lives in Brooklyn, New York.

“Love Wins”
Photography, Collage and Paint Markers
48” x 37”