Broken Salon is an artist collective based in Brooklyn, New York featuring a monthly private dinner series and quarterly exhibit available to the public. This collective was birthed out of the hopes for young creatives to have better access to other artists to engage, inspire, and collaborate with one another across mediums. The Salon celebrates artists of all mediums, with a hope of bringing people together to create and share ideas. The Salon is in partnership with The Locker Room, which hosts all of our gatherings. The thesis for the series revolves around a deep fascination around the scenes and characters that make up the cultural fabric of society, knowing the art is simple a reflection.

The Locker Room is a Brooklyn-based creative house that today comprises a private event venue, a recording studio, a vintage & jewelry store and personal residence. Tomorrow it may take another form.  Like any good locker room, the house is a safe place to strip down and change.